Amicus Attorney Practice Management System

Amicus Attorney Practice Management System is developed by Gavel & Gown Software who has been providing legal software since 1993. It is traditionally a Desktop System which over the years has amassed over 200,000 users. More recently the company has release a Cloud Based system, Amicus Cloud 2015. It is a robust system that can be used by small to large firms. Amicus Attorney provides Case Management and Practice Management Software, Document Management, Legal Accounts, CRM & Marketing and Reporting.

The Software

Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, Amicus Attorney is powerful system that has many features in document management. The system is multi-platform, where users can utilise Desktop; Amicus Attorney Premium Edition, Web App Amicus Cloud and Native Mobile Applications. Amicus Attorney has integrated Microsoft’s Outlook and Word within their software. They are one of the few providers that offer Microsoft Exchange emails, however, this does incur an extra monthly cost.


Amicus Attorney has focused on providing key features such as Document Assembly and Billing, allowing users to be able to run their firm from a single system. They have taken the decision to integrate with Microsoft Word and Outlook, giving a powerful and familiar experience to users. Amicus Attorney has a simple yet effective Workflow Engine that users can build upon.


Amicus Attorney have been concentrating on developing the Amicus Cloud in recent years, resulting in little progression and update on the desktop version. Users who already have the desktop version are therefore not benefiting. The two versions are also very different in the User Interface and the way functions are actioned. It would, therefore, not be a smooth experience for users who wish to use both systems in juxtaposition.

Support and training

Amicus Attorney have a dedicated support team available during working hours. The team can be contacted via telephone, emails and messaging via their website. Amicus Attorney provide a range of support plans and charge annually for this. Training is also provided at a cost. There are limited Webinars which is aimed at new users and new features.

The Future

Amicus Attorney seems to be focusing on the Amicus Cloud. However, they need to keep the desktop version on par with cloud developments or they could soon end up with two very different systems.

The Verdict

Amicus Attorney is a robust and effective system that focuses on the features such as document and matter management. The desktop system would suit firms of all sizes whereas the cloud version would suit the SMEs both in terms of usability and pricing.