BEC Legal Systems

BEC Legal Systems have been providing legal software since 1986 and have over 10,000 users across the US. In 2014 BEC Legal Systems released software suites to complement their basic system. The system is now modularised with modules such as Document Production, Docketing and Calendaring, Matters and Contacts, BEC Assemble-It and LegalBar. All these form the Practice management system known as BEC CoreRelate.

The System

BEC Legal Systems is a powerful desktop application that runs from a local server installation on Microsoft’s .Net framework. The database is an SQL Server which powers the application.


BEC Legal Systems have a powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook and Word. Add-ins have been developed so that emails can be linked to matters from Outlook and Word documents can be directly linked to the system. BEC Legal Systems is a robust system that can be used by firms scaling from single users to thousands.


BEC Legal Systems is difficult to customise by users and the User Interface is not dynamic. Customisations will need to be done by the company and this will be on an agreed price. The installation costs are also significant and may not suit the smaller firms

Support and training

BEC Legal Systems have always prided themselves on providing effective support and training. Having an in-house support team is a definite advantage if users need to connect quickly. They also have a client portal which gives access to manuals and FAQ’s. BEC Legal Systems provide on-site Training and also Workshops at their facilities, both do come at a cost.

The Future

BEC Legal Systems has the opportunity to build on an already robust product. Larger firms could benefit from the system as is has the ability to manage large amounts of data processing and document production. BEC Legal Systems could consider building more advanced features into the software such as Business Intelligence and even an SDK (Software Development Kit)

The Verdict

For firms that are looking for an established desktop system, BEC Legal Systems can be a good fit. However, we are seeing many new entrants to the market mainly cloud-based providers that can offer similar features at a fraction of the cost. This will no doubt pose questions for the management team at BEC Legal Systems.