Clio Practice Management software

Clio Practice Management Software has been gaining market share in recent years. Originally developed in the US and now serving UK, Ireland and many other European countries, Clio seems to be doing the right stuff. The software is a Web Application built on Microsoft’s SQL database and has adopted the SaaS (Software as a Service) model where both software and hardware is controlled by the vendor. Clio provides Case Management and Practice Management Software, Document Management, Legal Accounts, CRM & Marketing and Reporting.

The Software

Easy to use, modern and familiar. Clio can be used by most users without the need of training. The system is developed intuitively where users can easily navigate and view information within the system. Clio has been able to deploy many features and functions using the latest web technology.


Clio provides an effective user experience with clear and easy to navigate. The developers have given importance to simplicity by keeping to familiar interface throughout. Clio provides integration to many other web applications such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. Clio is priced competitively and offers all the common functions of a Legal Software. The subscription allows users to also have a native mobile app which has been designed to work easily rather than displaying the web pages of the system.


The system comparatively does not provide the ability to be customised so users will be restricted in the way they work. Clio does not provide many advance features such as Business Intelligence and its own Legal Accounts, rather users are expected to use their integrated third party accounts system, Xero Accounts.

Support and training

Clio has a technical team ready to assist in terms of support and training. The team can be contacted via telephone, emails and messaging via their website. In addition, there a numerous video tutorial and manuals that can be accessed via their website. Training is offered free as part of the monthly subscription fee.

The Future

Clio have been continuously developing their product and valuing user feedback to bring new features to their system. We expect Clio to continue to expand their market share into the future.

The Verdict

Clio legal software is a simple and effective system that can be used from small to large law firms.