Lexis Visualfiles™

Lexis Visualfiles™ is a dynamic “off the shelf” Case Management and Practice Management Software developed by the renowned legal resource company LexisNexis. It is described as a powerful and customisable enterprise workflow solution. The 2014 release has been upgraded to provide an enhanced user experience. It also brings forth a number of new features and components. Lexis Visualfiles has embraced the Microsoft Office 2013® feel which makes the software familiar to those already using Microsoft products. According to the Lexis Visualfiles marketing material, the software is used by over 25,000 users making Lexis Visualfiles a key player in the legal software industry.

The System

Lexis Visualfiles is a multi-platform system and can be accessed via desktop, web browser, Outlook Add-inn and smartphones. The system is built on Microsoft® Dynamics® AX which is Microsoft’s top end enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This will undoubtedly give greater system flexibility, structure and stability. Lexis Visualfiles has the look and feel of Microsoft Office® applications.


Lexis Visualfiles focuses on the key areas of practice management; managing matters effectively, automating processes and application integration with other related applications such as email, document scanning and finance. The system is scalable and can be used by single users to large corporations and even government. Lexis Visualfiles also provide standard temples and precedents in Conveyancing, Debt Recovery and Personal Injury.


Lexis Visualfiles seems to have two distinct UI. On the one hand Lexis Visualfiles provides the common Microsoft look and feel which every user is well rehearsed with. On the other hand, Lexis Visualfiles allows for customisations which can be made to some of the inner screens of the system. This not only allows for systems to break away from the common UI, it also leaves the system screens and the UI fragmented which can cause confusion for basic users. Moreover, Lexis Visualfiles will always be playing catch-up with Microsoft and a perfect example here is that Lexis Visualfiles is yet to upgrade to the 2016 interface. Therefore, whilst Microsoft will continue to roll out newly designed interfaces every few years, the question is whether Lexis Visualfiles will be able to roll these out to tie in with other Microsoft products that users will become familiar with.

Support and training

Lexis Visualfiles has an in-built Knowledge Base where users can get online help to contextualised information. The Knowledge Centre includes videos that can be viewed by users at any time. This is of great benefit for users as they can see support content, FAQs and video as and when issues arise. Bespoke on-site training can also be arranged at a cost, which can be useful at implementation stage.

The Future

Lexis Visualfiles should continue to develop their products. They have been making continuous improvements to their software. The system seems to have become stagnant since their 2014 release at a time when the Legal IT industry is moving ever so faster.

The Verdict

Lexis Visualfiles has the foundation to be innovative. Being part of a Legal Research organisation, they have the advantage of delivering current content-enabled solutions. Our view is that they will need to make key decisions in the near future as to stay with Microsoft® Dynamics® AX and within the constraints thereof or move away from it and maybe cook up a new innovative solution that better fits the ‘on the go’ software environment that the Legal Industry is steering towards.