Liberate by Linetime Ltd

Liberate by Linetime Ltd. is a Legal Practice Management Software that is offered as an on-site installation. It has Case Management and Legal Accounts with an intuitive dashboard. Liberate also offers a further module of BI (Business Intelligence) and Client Web Access Portal. The system caters mainly for Residential Conveyancing, Personal Injury, Family and Debt Collection.

The System

Liberate is built on Microsoft SQL Server Database and has a strong integration with Microsoft Outlook making it seamless to view and process emails from within the system. Liberate has also developed an effective Outlook Add-in which allows users to be able to view matters from Outlook and also perform key actions such as time recording and generating letters. Document management is effective with templates and precedents, version control and workflow all provided as standard. Liberate also features an integrated accounts system which is tailored to the legal sector.


Liberate is a well-constructed system which has included all common aspects of Case Management such as defining the role of users, processing documents, recording time and billing. Liberate BI has the function of drilling down into live data to analyse results. The Client Web Access Portal allows clients to access their own case and submit instructions online.


Liberate attracts a substantial install cost. It is limited in the modules it provides as standard. Other modules attract further costs. The system customisations are limited and confined to what Liberate allows users to do. For the dynamic user who is looking to tailor the system to individual business needs, this system may be limited.

Support and training

Liberate offer on-site training at day rates. They do not have online resources such as training videos or knowledge centre. Telephone Support is provided during working hours.

The Future

Liberate will need to look at releasing future versions that are more functional and customisable if they are to contend with the rest of the market competition.

The Verdict

For now, Linetime’s Liberate is a competitive system. Liberate provides good functions with Case and Matter Management within the set areas it caters for. Users would benefit from a robust Practice Management Software which is not complex, yet provides the major features that are wanted by users.