MyCase Practice Management software

MyCase Practice Management Software is part of APPFOLIO INC and is listed on the Nasdaq exchange. MyCase is a Web Application that is offered via the Cloud. The system provides integration with many third party applications making it agile. MyCase is aimed at the SME’s, however there is no reason why larger firms cannot benefit from it. It provides Case Management and Practice Management Software, Document Management, Legal Accounts, CRM & Marketing and Reporting.

The Software

There are many advantages of having a Web-Based system where users can access the system without having to install any software in the traditional sense. MyCase has managed to develop a very functional system built on the Microsoft .NET platform. MyCase is also accessible via the mobile device application. MyCase has an inbuilt Email and Calendaring module which could be used without the need for Microsoft Outlook. For smaller firms this may be ideal.


MyCase is a simple yet effective system that is able to manage matters with easy navigation. The system is developed to be intuitive and orderly. Users can find a list of all matters listed under the Cases tab. All documents available to the users are listed under the Documents tab. The system also has a simple dashboard and an on-screen reporting module. Using MyCase should give users a pleasant experience as everything is at hand. The subscription allows users to install a native mobile app as opposed to simply viewing the system via a browser (mobile version of the web page).


MyCase does not provide many advance features such as Business Intelligence and its own Legal Accounts, rather users are expected to use their integrated third party accounts system of QuickBooks Accounts. There are few advanced features in the system and therefore features such as Automation, Document Versioning and Business Intelligence are lacking. Whilst third party apps may be of great assistance, it is likely that such apps will attract their own reoccurring fees.

Support and training

MyCase has an online Knowledge Centre which can be accessed by users at any time. In addition they have a support team that is ready to assist in terms of support and training. The team can be contacted via telephone, emails and messaging via their website. In addition, there are numerous video tutorials and manuals that can be accessed via their website.

The Future

MyCase have been continuously developing their product and valuing user feedback to bring new features to their system. We expect MyCase to continue to expand their market share into the future.

The Verdict

MyCase is a simple and effective system that focuses on the features such as document and matter management. The software has a pleasant User Experience and would be a good fit for any small to medium firms that are looking for a basic system. Firms looking for advanced systems and the ability to further develop and customise systems might find MyCase restrictive.