Osprey Legal Cloud software

Osprey Legal Cloud, part of Practice Ltd., has a long history of providing legal software. Since 2004 they have concentrated on offering a cloud solution that can be accessed via the web. The software is designed to be scalable from the single user to the large companies. It is used by thousands of users from all the major areas of law. In terms of modules, Osprey Legal Cloud provides Case Management and Practice Management Software, Document Management, Legal Accounts, CRM & Marketing and Reporting.

The System

Osprey Legal Cloud is a Web Application and for that reason can be accessed via the internet from any location making it a desirable software for firms with multiple locations and allowing staff to work from home. The system is built on Microsoft .NET technology with SQL as the database making it robust and enabling it to be high in performance.


Osprey Legal Cloud brings the benefits of Web Applications such as easy access via a web browser, not having to install and maintain the software or incur the relatively high install costs. The system is built to be web responsive and therefore can be worked on by tablets and smart phones. Osprey Legal Cloud is priced competitively and offers all the common functions of a Legal Software. The system allows users to customise processes and has a workflow. Osprey Legal Cloud comes with standard form templates and precedents in Conveyancing, Debt Recovery and Personal Injury.


Osprey Legal Cloud seems to be fairly static in the way it performs. Being a web application it could have provided more dynamic screens and enhanced user experience such as the ability to resize and hide panels. The system lacks a modern interface and is mainly designed by a simple side panel and data fields.

Support and training

Osprey Legal Cloud has an online technical support that can be accessed via the system from which users can access training manuals and also log issues. Lifetime free online training is also on offer so users can always be up to speed with any future systems developments.

The Future

Osprey Legal Cloud who has already established a web application will have a lot of choice for future development and enhancing as well as enriching their system. Over the last few years, there has been a huge leap in web development and deployment. We also expect technology to continue to advance rapidly way in terms of web applications where application will be able to provide advanced feature.

The Verdict

A functional software that can satisfy law firms of all sizes, Osprey Legal Cloud has a huge advantage over the competition that still provide installed legal software at an expensive price. The trend is moving towards cheaper legal software and law firms may well decide to move over to software such as Osprey Legal Cloud.