Peppermint legal software has developed products to better serve the legal industry and market their products to serve the client-centric law firm. Peppermint’s press release disclosed it had secured an investment from Scottish Equity Partners in December 2015 to tune of £10 million (GBP). This can only be good news for law firms thinking of making the leap to a more robust system. In terms of modules, Peppermint Legal Software encompasses Case Management and Practice Management Software, Document Management, Legal Accounts, CRM & Marketing, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

The Software

Peppermint legal software is touted as being built on a Microsoft Dynamics Platform which allows for a smooth integration to Microsoft products such as Word and Outlook. It is entirely cloud based offering a great level of flexibility. The software integrates with many third party tools such as Oyez Forms (Legal Forms), BigHand (Voice Productivity) and ClickDimensions (Email Marketing and Marketing Automation).


Peppermint legal software is a powerful workflow and business process management engine that can applied across all areas of law, enabling the users to be build and customise their own processes. The system is scalable and can be used by single user firms to enterprise level firms. It comes with standard form templates and precedents in Conveyancing, Debt Recovery and Personal Injury.


Despite being a comprehensive and robust piece of software, Peppermint legal software is a very complicated system which may not suit novice users or those looking for a simple user experience. Peppermint legal software could be a significant investment so for this reason we recommend a through cost assessment is carried out as installation fees are known to be high.

Support and training

Peppermint legal software has an in-built Knowledge Centre where users can get online help to contextualised information. The Knowledge Centre includes videos that can be viewed by users at any time. In this day and age – this is a plus point. If users can quickly find the answer to a problem without sitting on the phone waiting for technical support this can only be a good thing.

The Future

Like many software development organisations, Peppermint legal software will need to keep moving with the technology. As Microsoft rolls out releases for Dynamics, it is likely that so too will Peppermint. The question is how will any future rolls out from Microsoft affect your firm and integration with third party links?

The Verdict

Peppermint legal software could well be a good choice for many law firms that want a flexible and scalable system. It incorporates many key functions required by Legal Software users whether they be case management or accounts. With that said, development has come at a price. It is developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform which will undoubtedly attract a higher price tag. The cost of installation and setup may be expensive, however, like many legal software vendors, the costing will always be firm specific so it is a good idea to speak with a member of the Peppermint Team using the contact details below