Partner for Windows (P4W) by Tikit, a part of BT is a well-established system that can be used as a complete legal practice management system. The system combines Matter Management, Time recording and Accounting. Tikit have users internationally and a large presence in the UK and US market. They have grown rapidly over the last few years and seem to be continuously adding new features and tools via their partner programs.

The System

Partner for Windows (P4W) have managed to find a fine balance of functionality and fee earner requirements in producing an interactive system that can be used effectively. The system can be tailored to user’s requirements and has the major work areas of law built in to the system. Built on Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server, Tikit is a robust desktop application that is able to perform simple and complex tasks.


Partner for Windows (P4W) has a logical workflow that works well and is simple to set up. The workflow can automate tasks based on events of the matter states. The document management is covered in depth with the ability to view and arrange different screens. P4W has focused on many of the key area of legal practices by implementing Legal Aid functionality, Conveyancing and Personal Injury modules. P4W has made good effort in delivering a detailed billing module, allowing users to record and view time effectively and also result in fees billed being maximised.


P4W has used conventional screen navigation. In some parts of the system there seems to be too many options and screens which can result in users having to put in extra effort to run the system. Novice users may find all these screens a bit confusing. P4W charge for installation and annual support per user which may not be cost effective for smaller firms. P4W also provide a SaaS option where they host the data for you, however the system is the same as the install version and does not provide advanced Cloud capabilities.

Support and training

P4W have an in-house support team and also offer an on-site consultancy service which can be of benefit for the larger firms. Training does come at a cost and is charged at day rates. P4W do not have online training material or videos, limiting users to use the support desk during working hours.

The Future

P4W have had a good and steady growth in recent years. Being part of a larger group has given them the ability to collaborate with their services and provide a range of services from legal software to full It systems support. P4W seem to be continuously developing their product and bring out future releases. We expect P4W to embrace more technological capabilities in the future.

The Verdict

P4W has many good features and gives users a workable method of progressing matters. The system can be a good fit for many firms looking to have a scalable system built on a solid platform.